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What is the Civil Construction Industry?

The Civil Construction Industry is made up of the companies, individuals and resources involved in planning, designing, and constructing anything to do with earth, water or transport infrastructure. In civil construction you can create just about anything from a major freeway, railway, water storage reservoir or new housing subdivision.

What type of work is done in the Civil Construction Industry?

Every time you go anywhere by road, rail, plane or ship, you use infrastructure built by the Civil Construction Industry. Every time you drink a glass of water, turn on a light or use pipeline gas, you depend on projects constructed by the Civil Construction Industry. Every time it rains, whenever you use the bathroom or whenever it floods, there are storm water drainage infrastructure and sewerage systems to ensure that our streets, parklands and public areas are kept healthy and clean. Whatever is required by the community to make life easier, the Civil Construction Industry provides these resources.

How much can you earn in the Industry?

Excellent salaries are offered throughout the industry. You also have the potential to increase your income as you acquire more skills, specialties and expertise.

Why work in the Civil Construction Industry?

If you want a motivating career that provides the rewards of job satisfaction, excellent income potential, working with teams of people plus further opportunities for professional advancement, then Civil Construction could be your career of choice. Whether you enjoy working outdoors operating state of the art equipment or you prefer planning and designing infrastructure projects, or jobs where caring for the environment is important, then the Civil Construction Industry has a career path and job options to take you there. It doesn't matter where you begin, you can always advance your career at any time.

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